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The Incredible Voyage to Good Middos

Middot/middos means “moral character”. This clever book teaches middot through a spoof on the Titanic. It’s the amazing, unsinkable, exclusive Gaavatanic (gaava means arrogant pride), and it’s sailing with a deck full of middot-challenged passengers — straight for disaster!

But never fear! Rabbi Lev Tov (“good heart”) is on board, and he patiently leads the wayward vacationers towards the good middot they so sorely need.

This outstanding book, the first of its kind, utilizes fabulous full-color illustrations, humorous dialogue, and the vast wisdom of a renowned educator, to teach humility, sensitivity and character refinement to children and adults alike. A superb educational tool for every home and school. Based on the classic, Ways of the Tzaddikim.

Younger children will enjoy the vivid illustrations.

(Chait created two equally-good sequels, The Lost Treasure of Tikkun Hamiddos Island and The Terrifying Trap of the Bad Middos Pirates.)

Goldy says: “This is an incredible book. It really teaches young children how important it is to have good middos.”

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