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The Art of Amazement

We believe that the most important thing a child needs to grow up happy, connected and well-adjusted is a parent who is happy, connected and well-adjusted.

New and fully revised edition! This book is a step-by-step manual on how to nurture that sense of amazement every day, in every area of life, by tapping into forgotten ancient Jewish wisdom. You will discover a Judaism that is a masterful ancient spiritual system for unleashing the power of amazement. You will discover:   
-The real meaning of life. 
-A radical perspective on what it means to be Jewish. 
-A system for cultivating amazement that really works. 
-The possibility of being truly happy ­ every day. 
-The kind of spirituality many people think only possible in Eastern religions. 
-Your own spiritual genius waiting to come out.   
Judaism is a profound spiritual system. Now, thanks to The Art of Amazement, the wisdom of obscure rituals and beliefs can become relevant for the twenty-first century.


Alexander Seinfeld


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