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Planting & Building: Raising a Jewish Child

We believe that the most important thing a child needs to grow up happy, connected and well-adjusted is a parent who is happy, connected and well-adjusted.

Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe (1914 – 2005) was a world-renown spiritual leader whose impact on the Jewish world is immeasurable. This small volume, studied by thousands, provides a Jewish framework for  parenting and educating children.

With this guidebook in hand, parents can access Jewish wisdom that spans millennia.

Many parents themselves lacked great role models for parenting. R' Wolbe emphasizes the importance of parents assuming full responsibility for the raising of each of their children, as well as the delicate balance needed between planting in a child the seeds of Jewish values and behavior that will grow along with him and externally guiding the child along the proper path.

Accomplishing this important mission requires great patience and warmth, along with an honest look at our own motivations and behavior. Translated from the Hebrew best seller.



Shlomo Wolbe



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