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Passover Plague Masks

This is a clever innovation in telling the story during the Passover Seder.

In this day and age, good story tellers often use props to capture the attention and imagination of their audience. These Passover masks can be used when reenacting the stories of the plagues. Each mask represents the one of the 10 plagues as explained in the Book of Exodus and at the Passover Seder. Includes 10 masks made of heavyweight paper. While this product is obviously not a Jewish book, we felt it important to include it as it will enhance your child's enjoyment of the Haggada and the Seder.

Suggested use: When getting to the part of the story about the 10 Plagues, give everyone at the table a plague mask to wear at the appropriate time. Alternatively, the leader could don each mask at the appropriate time.

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