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Dual Discovery

This gripping story unfolds in ancient Egypt, where a cruel abduction uproots an infant from his family and nation. As he matures, the boy's peaceful existence gets disrupted and he embarks on a journey of self-discovery. The riveting twists and turns of his personal quest coincide with one of the most important discoveries of humankind. The entire world is awestruck by the developing drama in Egypt, through which the truth about the Creator of the world and the destiny of the Jewish nation are revealed.

The captivation plot of the fictional story is masterfully interwoven with the historical happenings, bringing the ancient story vividly to life. You will feel along with the characters' struggles and be inspired by their hope and faith as you journey with them through the pages of our early history.

This must-read book will help you visualize the slavery in Egypt and the miraculous redemption, giving you a new perception of this well-known saga.

Goldy says: Really brings the Passover story to life!



Zecharya Hoffman



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