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Props for 10 Plagues

Good storytelling becomes great storytelling with visual aids. Here are our suggestions for making the 10 Plagues more engaging: 1. Blood – A magician’s glass or pitcher will let you change water into “blood”. (Or you might try some good ol-fashioned stage blood.)  2. Frogs – Kids will giggle when you bring out the plastic […]

The Carp in the Bathtub

On Passover, aside from more important things, it also meant eating Mama's gefilte fish, which she made from fresh carp.  Mama always bought her carp a week in advance, and stored it, fresh, in the bathtub.This particular year, though, Leah and her brother Harry fell in love with the carp. Leah and Harry hatch a […]

If You Give a Frog a Piece of Matzah

As a frog and a boy are seated at a Passover seder table, the boy gradually reveals the steps of the "ten plagues". The easily-offended frog comes away not only reassured of his importance to the Passover story, but also wishing he was Jewish, too. This book has a modern and refreshing look, and is […]

Seder in Herlin

Seder in Herlin and Other Stories for girls is a collection of inspiring stories of the adventures of young Jewish girls in contemporary settings around the world The experiences of the heroines of The Little Red Shoe, Fiffy, The Miracle of Mannheim and Seder in Herlin are depicted against the background of Europe in the […]

Only Nine Chairs

19 guests are coming over for the Passover Seder but the host only has nine chairs. This funny book tells a humorous story about a girl worried that there will not be sufficient seating at her family's seder table. This story is told in rhyme and introduces the major Passover contents over the course of […]

Little Red Hen

In this Classic story, it's the first time Little Red Hen has a Yiddish accent. Realizing it’s almost Passover, the Little Red Hen says, “Oy gevalt!” She needs matzah for her Passover seder, and that means she has to grow wheat. No one wants to help the Little Red Hen make the Passover matzah, but […]

Doda Golda

Doda Golda is coming for Pesach, and her tendency to take statements quite literally often leads to hilariously funny outcomes. This Jewish book is a great Pesach gift that kids will enjoy again and again.

Stone Soup with Matzoh Balls

An old man walks into the town of Chelm asking for food. But the townspeople are poor and say they have nothing to share. The old man explains that he can make enough food for everyone with just a stone. He asks for one ingredient and then another, which the townspeople provide. All the people […]

A Touch of Passover

This touch and feel book is a great kids guide to the Jewish Passover holiday. Kids will love to learn about the seder by feeling the bumpy matzah, leafy maror, sticky wine droplets, and more.The pictures are bright and modern, and the sequence takes you through some highlights you’ll see on the seder table. This […]

Izzy the Whiz

Izzy the Whiz invents a Super-Duper Passover McClean machine that can clean a home for Passover in just minutes. Izzy's adventure is exciting and funny, and one that kids will enjoy hearing over and over. It is also a great introduction to the Passover holiday that would appeal to Jewish kids of all denominations and […]