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Jewish Roots Music

(Rabbi) Tzvi Gluckin has been called a Renaissance Man. A graduate of the Berkeley School, he’s a big fan of books, but sometimes prefers the language of the soul.His bluesy music is more popular among adults than kids, but you be the judge! See also his album Mimi.


(Rabbi) Tzvi Gluckin is a big fan of books, but also knows that music is the language of the soul. His bluesy music is more popular among adults than kids, but you be the judge — both links below will let you hear free samples or download single tracks. (The "Used" link below takes you […]

The Cheery Bim Band

MEET THE CHEERY BIM BAND! GAVRIEL WEINTRAUB: Bright and restless, he’s constantly thinking up new things to do. And then one day he comes up with a really great idea for the Pirchei talent contest. SHAYA LEVIN: Smart and studious, he’s more likely to be reading than performing in public. Gavriel’s idea excites him, though, […]

Zaidy’s Great Idea

Some of the greatest Jewish books for kids are on CD. To get your kids (and parents!) in the mood for a Jewish holiday or just to add some yiddishe spirit to the day, try one of the great Shmuel Kunda CDs, where he weaves a short story around the songs (or does he weave […]