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Three Cheers for Shira!

The Shira Trilogy is back — and all in one volume! Meet Shira Gordon, her wonderful family, and her charming friend Dawn Gruber. Shira’s Summer, Shira’s New Start, and Absolutely Shira are chock-full of adventure, fun, and lots of challenges. These heartwarming books have been, and will be, a favorite for young adults of all […]

Penina’s Adventure at Sea

Join Penina on her latest adventure! Trouble begins as Penina and her sister travel to New York aboard a beautiful steam-powered ship. A thief is on board! Can he be caught before the entire voyage is ruined? Penina is determined to try ….Meet Penina Mendes, a Jewish girl growing up in London, England, in the […]

Penina’s Doll Factory

Penina Mendes is back! Penina has a great idea brewing. When her friend Gittel gives her an unusual new doll, Penina discovers a wonderful opportunity to help others. Things don’t work out exactly as planned, but Penina learns an important lesson about always trying her best.Meet Penina Mendes, a Jewish girl growing up in London, […]

Penina’s Plan

When Penina gets lost one Shabbat morning, she meets two Jewish children whose lives are very different from her own. Inspired by her family’s tradition of chesed (kindness), Penina devises a plan to help them despite the many obstacles in her path. Meet Penina Mendes, a Jewish girl growing up in London, England, in the […]