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More Gift Ideas for Your Seder

For Pesach Seder or any other time we need inexpensive gifts, one of our first stops is the inexpensive gadgets at American Science and Surplus. Here are our top 12 current picks:1. Mirror on a stick2. Stethoscope3. Zombie Sleep Mask4. Flexi-Sphere5. Rainbow Glasses6. Magnifier Pendant7. Enormoloupe8. Small Fanny Pack9. Arrowcopter10. Tornado Tube11. We Dare You12. […]

Putting God on the Guest List

Can the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration — a major Jewish rite of passage —  be more than just a big, fun party? This book helps leverage the bar/bat mitzvah celebration for an increased connection to God. Rabbi Salkin addresses questions such as: Where and when did this rite of passage originate? What are the ethics of […]


We'd like to dispel two myths about the mezuzah. Myth #1 – Many people think the fancy little box is the mezuza. They don't realize that the box contains a mini book. In ancient times, books were written on scrolls. We still have the custom today of putting a small scroll in our mezuza boxes, […]